A fully-automated urban farm


We want to build the next generation of CEA farms and take the AgTech industry to the next level. From our experience, data & partnerships, we have the know-how to develop closed loop, carbon neutral & fully-automated farms. Better still, we’ve got plans to build one.

We are working with engineers from across the CEA and food industries to incorporate our learnings, experience and data to build the most efficient, cost effective controlled environment systems producing the most high quality, tasty produce all year round, produce we will continue to sell into the food service and retail markets.

Utilising a closed loop design will ensure that we are fully sustainable. We will link the farm to renewable energy sources such as wind or solar. Meanwhile, waste will be disposed of via an on-site anaerobic digester and we will draw water responsibly from an on site reservoir to achieve water neutrality. Bringing all these elements together along with our existing model of irrigation, lighting and growing will enable us to achieve not just carbon neutral farming, but carbon negative.

A shiny new farm also means more tasty, nutritious and affordable baby leaf salad crops. We’ve been trialling new crops at our R&D site within our Clapham farm, and we are ready to put our salads where our mouth is and let the world taste our baby leaf salads.

To keep it simple, we refer to this kick-ass farm as a ‘Proximity Farm’ -Why? Because to access renewable energy we’ll need to move to a peri-urban environment that is still in close proximity to our end consumers. So while we won’t be underground, we’ll still be in and around major cities, ensuring a secure supply chain unaffected by weather, pandemics and even Brexit.

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