Because it's teamwork that makes the dream work, right?

In the beginning there were two. Now we have 32 dedicated urban farmers.

At the core are our Farm Operatives. They are the ones that make sure everything runs smoothly right the way through the whole lifespan of our crops – be it sowing, growing, harvesting or packing – these guys are there every step of the way and wave each pea shoot goodbye as our Despatch Team takes them to wholesalers, restaurants, grocery stores and cafes all over London.

And then there are the Team Leaders, Supervisors, our growing team and our Technical & Sustainability Manager who keep an eye on the quality of our produce and make sure everything is done properly (hair nets, beard snoods, wellies, etc).

Let’s not forget our incredible back office support team. These are the people who mess around with spreadsheets and stuff, and we all know that nothing ever gets done without at least four people moving numbers around on a spreadsheet. Or sending emails at 10pm. Yep, we’re pretty lucky to have these guys.

Our All-Star Team

Some of them found us, some of them are us and some we were just gosh darn lucky to find. What we all have in common is a shared value for fixing the planet and making sure the world eats their greens.

So, drum roll because here they are…

Richard Ballard

Farmer-in-Chief (COO)

Charlie Egerton-Warburton

Head of Sustainable Growth (CEO)

Olivia O’Brien

Business Development & IR Director

Alex Hamilton-Jones

Operations Manager

Greg Crawford

Growing Manager

Taiwo Falayi

Technical & Sustainability Manager

Hasan Rahman

Finance Manager

Laura Rigo

Sales & New Business Manager

Jakob Thomas

Data Platform Lead

Bethany Thurston

Company Secretary

Jess Moseley

Operations Coordinator

Andy Ashwin

Business Development & Marketing

Nick Ansell

Business Development Associate

Melanie Jans-Singh

Data Scientist

Mario Holbrook-Yalias

Farm Supervisor

Dai Nagaki

Deputy Farm Supervisor

Sebastian Edmonds

Deputy Farm Supervisor

Lyndon Cartwright

Growing Assistant

Riley Anderson

Team Leader

Tommy Vermeir

Farm Operative

Will Angell

Farm Operative

The Board

Expertise, check. Experience, check. Knowledge… that too! Our board has the know-how to navigate the ups and downs of the fresh produce industry and help us grow our business in the process. They’re the ones that pull us out of the trees and help us see the forest.

Our board members know the industry inside out, are familiar with the difficulties that come with the territory and importantly are committed to executing our plan of delivering zero carbon food on a widespread scale.

Neil Sanderson


Sara Halbard

Senior Independent Director

Anthony Gardiner

Non-Exec Director

Rory Tait

Non-Exec Director


Our advisors act as ambassadors from different professions. They offer us perspective based on their expertise. One knows what it takes to run a successful business, one is a leading researcher in plant bioscience and one is a world famous chef. We’ll let you figure out which one is which.

Professor Chungui Lu

Bio & Plant Science

Michel Roux Jr

Food Service & Product Development

Amitsinh Kumpavat


Claire Donovan

Food Safety & Technical

Ed Gillespie

Corporate Social Responsibility

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