Alex Hamilton-Jones

Operations Manager

Ops Manager Alex first heard about ZCF when his partner sent him Richard’s TEDx talk:

“I was sent Richards TEDxClapham talk by my partner (who’s mum also talked at the event) and was fascinated with the vision of sustainably feeding cities from within. I’ve always had an interest in sustainability as the other option isn’t an option – we’ve only got one planet (so far) and exploiting finite natural resources is simply a dumb idea because eventually they’ll run out! I believe we can all live in abundance with good design, thoughtful engineering and being mindful of our expectations.”

A typical day at ZCF sees Alex planning future farm expansion and supporting long-term strategy discussions. However, it’s not uncommon to see him downstairs, chipping in on the farm with packing or scrubbing the floors.

Interesting Facts

  • Is a keen amateur brewer
  • Has an orchard and a vineyard in Kent, designed on permaculture principles
  • Enjoys long walks in the country and bike rides
  • Favourite micro is coriander
  • Favourite film is either Pulp Fiction or The Shawshank Redemption
  • Currently listening to a podcast on sustainable viticulture in the UK

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