Lyndon Cartwright

Growing Assistant

Lyndon started out with ZCF as an intern in August 2020. A keen amateur grower, he fell down the vertical farming rabbit hole because he wanted to be more self-sufficient while having almost no outdoor garden space. After building his own NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system and a deep water culture growing system, it became clear that this was a real passion and something he had a real aptitude for. If only there was somewhere he could do this for a living…

“I reached out to Jess asking about what kind of qualifications are needed to get involved in the growing side of the farm and she told me about the internship program. My professional background isn’t really related to agriculture; before Covid-19 I was a bar supervisor and the cocktail master for my area in the company I worked for.

My daily tasks include maintaining farm equipment and operations like running irrigation, marking up crops from propagation, making nutrients, ensuring all equipment is working as it should, etc. My favourite part of the day is doing my daily checks of the farm. I love to see the progress of all the crops and to see how my inputs affect how they grow. I also love mixing the nutrients for irrigation because it makes me feel like the Walter White of salad rocket. Being from the hospitality food and drink industry, I understand just how important having good healthy, tasty, ethical and environmentally sustainable produce is.”

Interesting Facts

  • Has scuba dived in every ocean in the world
  • Has met the Queen of Bhutan
  • Enjoys hiking and skiing
  • Favourite micro is sunflower shoots
  • Currently listening to Desmond Dekker and Peter Tosh
  • Favourite film is Snatch, mainly because of Brad Pitt's accent
  • Favourite Celine Dion song is that one from Titanic

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