Mario Holbrook-Yalias

Farm Supervisor

Mario had followed ZCF since he first read about us in Wired magazine in 2015, so he jumped at the chance to get involved when the opportunity arose:

“Having previously worked for the MOD and the nuclear and e-cigarette industries, I knew deep down inside that my heart lay in the sustainability sector, and that transition was imminent. I just needed to to take the leap, and since doing so it has been a fulfilling and rewarding journey. Having the opportunity to be a part of such a pioneering company using disused and abandoned spaces to grow food was a no brainer!”

As a Farm Supervisor, a typical day consists of ensuring that all farm operations are carried out efficiently, from sowing to harvesting to packing, to guarantee that our customers get the highest quality product on a same-day field-to-fork service.

Interesting Facts

  • Spends spare time doing healthy things, like exercise and meditation
  • Favourite food is a PInk Lady Apple
  • Favourite micro is garlic chive
  • Favourite film is 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Currently listening to Joe Rogan

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