Melanie Jans-Singh

Data Scientist

Melanie has just finished her PhD from the University of Cambridge on Energy Models for Urban-Integrated Agriculture. Her research interest is in the integration of nature within infrastructure – and Zero Carbon Farms quite literally fit the specs. She has built, installed and maintained sensors all over the tunnels since ZCF opened its Clapham farm in 2016, and has used the data to make energy and data models. She is a trained civil and environmental engineer from Imperial College London, and also pursued a Masters in hydrology at ETH Zurich.

“As ZCF are so innovation driven, it’s been great doing my PhD with them, looking at ways in which data can be used to run the farm more efficiently. I’m excited to carry on working with them officially as part of the team!”.

Interesting Facts

  • Loves travelling, so Google Maps has been a popular destination in 2020
  • Sticks to data analysis, having attended way too many plant funerals
  • Still hasn't eaten an entire GU Salad Mix as they are always in such high demand as gifts!

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