Serena Iachini

Plant Scientist

Serena studied Biotechnology at the University of Teramo in Italy and has a Masters in Food Science from the University of Firenze, so it’s safe to assume that she knows a thing or two about what we do at Zero Carbon Farms. Her research has been focused on the impact of agriculture on the environment, sustainability and food safety.

“During my research I became more aware of the impact that the agricultural sector has on the environment, so I became more interested in food sustainability to protect nature and preserve human and veterinary health. I decided to work in the food industry so that I could use my knowledge and research to be part of a practical solution. I’m excited to have the opportunity to run the R&D facility at ZCF, where I will use my expertise to expand the capabilities of the farm.”

Interesting Facts

  • Has lived in London since 2019
  • Favourite primate is the orangutan
  • Favourite micro is garlic chive
  • Comes from a small village in Abruzzo, Italy
  • Favourite thing about England is afternoon tea
  • Enjoys hiking, trekking and exploring London by bike
  • Reads horror, sci-fi and fantasy books but hates love stories
  • Favourite Celine Dion song is the emotional ballad "Because You Loved Me"

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