What we do
(and what we don’t)

We are a cutting edge AgTech company that builds and operates Controlled Environment Farms, providing a future-proof and sustainable solution for growing.

Our farms offer an innovative, technologically-driven approach to growing. We have complete and real-time control over our growing environment, ensuring that every day is the perfect summer’s day.

We keep our crops snug and warm within our protected environment; they are never rained on, trampled by welly boots, or eaten by pigeons. We don’t require any pesticide or use any nasty chemicals.

In all seriousness, our farms use up to 90% less water and a fraction of the space compared to conventional farming. Owing to proprietary data, every m2 of a ZCF farm is significantly more productive than 1m2 of traditional farm land. This means we can grow more in less space and operate within dense urban areas which brings down our food miles and in turn reduces our carbon footprint. Reducing our carbon footprint to Zero is an absolute priority for us. To achieve this, all of our farms operate on 100% renewable energy so nothing we do has a negative impact on the environment. In short, we are changing the definition and future of farming.

Our first working farm is in Clapham, London, in a disused air raid shelter some 33 metres underground. From here we have been supplying retail and restaurants for the past five years. As we expanded our capacity to reach this milestone, we made the necessary technical, biosecurity and HR improvements to become BRC, Red Tractor and Field to Fork certified, allowing us to stock many of the UK’s major retailers, including Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Ocado.

Pretty cool, huh?

It’s entirely possible for us to apply both low tech and high tech solutions to produce much more food from much less land. We can start to produce food in new spaces, indoors, within cities, even in places where there’s no land at all.

Sir David Attenborough

Not just food

Beyond the fresh produce industry, there is ample opportunity for our products to be established within many other major markets, not just salads. Every business has a supply chain. Our clients, in all markets, benefit from the secure and sustainable supply chain which provides a consistent and competitive price for any natural ingredients.

By extracting the flavours and fragrances from our crops, there is potential for application within the cosmetics, fragrance and healthcare industries, to name a few. Launching in Spring 2021, our first collaboration in this industry is a real milestone in our journey so far, showcasing the potential of Controlled Environment Agriculture in wider markets.

What we don't grow

Weed. Cannabis. Ganja. Yeah, we get asked this a lot. And no, we don’t grow it in our tunnel. That’s not to say we won’t grow it in the future, for medicinal CBD extracts for instance. We’ve already got the technology and the growing know-how, plus a tunnel 33 metres underground is about as secure as you can get. So no, we don’t grow cannabis at the moment but never say never.

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