Growing Underground


There’s not much point growing all this lovely stuff if people can’t eat it, right? Enter Growing Underground, our first retail/wholesale brand. We launched Growing Underground in 2015 initially to supply the food service industry out of New Covent Garden Market, which is less than a mile down the road from our Clapham farm. From there, our lovely leaves find their way to hundreds of restaurants can cafes across the capital.

Shortly after, we developed a range of salad mixes for retail and started supplying local specialist grocers, such as Whole Foods Market and Farmdrop, as well as some of the biggest supermarkets including Waitrose, M&S and Tesco.

Our retail product

We provide a variety of retail salad mixes which play off different themes. Our Asian, English, Japanese & Italian Mixes all blend together a range of crops typically associated with each of those cuisines. Our Superfood Mix meanwhile brings together our most nutritious crops for more of a health kick.

Food service and wholesale

Food service is our bread and butter. We supply our crops to a range of restaurants, caterers, wholesalers and cafes. All 14 of our current crop rotations are available individually in punnets and bulk. As a London based supplier we offer local and sustainable options for your ingredient sourcing. Our food service customers get the freshest ingredients for their meals, serving plates with our delicious microgreens which have been harvested the very same day.

Want some?

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