With 5 years of experience and data we are able to help you navigate some of the difficulties in planning, building and operating a fully accredited CEA farm. Whether you’re growing underground, at the top of a mountain or even on the Moon, we can help you by providing technical expertise to ensure you can achieve the optimal environmental conditions anywhere.

Industry leaders

A lot has happened since we first opened the doors to our first farm in 2015. By 2017, we gained BRC, Red Tractor and M&S Farm 2 Fork (now known as Select Farms) certifications, making our farm the first CEA Farm in the UK to get these accreditations.

Meanwhile, our growing team began to perfect our plant optimisation ‘recipes’ with the help of researchers at the Alan Turing Institute and Cambridge University. Through processes of data capture and environmental control, our team has managed to reduce the time it takes to grow our crops, in some cases by over 50% while increasing yields in the process and reducing resources needed too.

Our Business Development team worked hard to establish the Growing Underground brand and build relationships with wholesalers at New Covent Garden Market. They even consulted Michel Roux Jr about the textures and flavours of our crops to see what could be improved upon. Now, we still continue to supply these local customers, as well as numerous major UK retailers.

To cut a long story short, we’re pretty confident in what we do.

After five years of consistent production, data collection and growing optimisation, we have built a solid foundation for scale. We are now expanding capacity and forming strategic partnerships to continue the journey. All our data and understanding of the technological and logistical requirements needed to successfully operate in this industry put us in the perfect position to pioneer the next generation of controlled environment farms. Over the next three years, we will build industrial scale, fully-automated, closed-loop growing systems for multiple customers, and cement our position at the forefront of the UK’s controlled environment agriculture industry. We want you to join us as we deliver the future of the growing industry and accelerate the world’s transition to carbon negative farming.

After five years of production, data collection and growing optimisation, we have built a solid foundation for scale.

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