Alex Fisher

Food Service Consultant

Alex entered the world of food wholesale as a Management Trainee with Makro Self Service Wholesalers. He has since spent his working life within the retail and wholesale sectors holding board positions within almost all disciplines across the sector.

He was a founding director of 3663 First for Foodservice created from the remains of Booker Fitch Food Services in 1999 (now known as Bidfood). During his time there as MD and CEO, the company enjoyed a five time increase in profitability and Alex was immensely proud that 3663 became known as a centre of foodservice excellence globally.

Since his retirement in 2004, Alex has been in demand from a number of businesses to act as an advisor or to manage specific key projects. He now has a wide range of clients within the UK (and internationally), from market-leaders to startups, and serves on the boards of several of these companies.

He has supported businesses in the sustainability sector and was attracted to Zero Carbon Farms due to their desire to make a positive difference to the world both today and tomorrow, while making a profit.

Alex describes the team at ZCF as “a breath of fresh air in the industry, trying their utmost to do the right thing with passion, belief and sheer hard work. They are facing a market which wants to support sustainability but often is sidetracked to lesser quality products due to today’s harsh financial realities. Nevertheless, there are plenty of clients who will put quality, taste, consistency and care for our planet firmly on their menus.”

Married with three daughters and five grandchildren, Alex had hoped to find more time to pursue his love of salmon and trout fishing, but continues to receive requests for help and finds it hard to say no! Alex holds an MA (hons) in Modern History and Politics from the University of Glasgow.

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