Tommy Vermeir

Farm Operative

Tommy joined us in 2019 as a farm operative. He has always been a passionate environmentalist, having worked in sustainable design, hydroponics, effluent treatment and biodynamic farming, so ZCF is the perfect fit,

“Working at ZCF helps me to deepen my understanding and practical skills with regards controlled environment agriculture and horticulture. I think of our work as a custodian relationship, intimately connected to the crops from their propagation to their harvest. I enjoy watching them grow and noticing differences in growth as their environment and conditions change very slightly. My favourite moments are those where I’ll find a fallen pea shoot sprouting between benches, grasping at the light – as you can probably tell, I’m a highly emotional person!”

Interesting Facts

  • Loves playing snooker
  • Speaks loads of languages
  • Favourite food is burritos!
  • Favourite micro is fennel: "When the true leaf comes through they look like mini palm trees!"
  • Currently listening to Suzie's Funeral by Santi
  • Favourite film is Catch Me If You Can
  • President of the Celine Dion UK fan club

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