Will Angell

Team Leader

Will has got an almighty beard.

He started working for ZCF in 2019 because he wanted to be a part of something wholesome, sustainable and interesting.

“There is a new agricultural future and I feel that ZCF is at the helm, and to be a part of that is something special.”

As a farm operative, Will’s typical day involves packing produce, sowing or harvesting. These tasks usually take up most of the day, with the rest spent deep cleaning and prepping for the next.

“Sometimes I personally get to be more involved with the growing aspects, such as dealing with the irrigation of the farm and looking after the specialised equipment. Those are the days I enjoy the most, as I always end up learning something new.”

Will has a splendid beard.

Interesting Facts

  • Used to manage a bar/club
  • Plays the didgeridoo
  • Likes dancing while spinning a fire staff (?)
  • Favourite food is spicy Tom Yum soup
  • Favourite micro is watercress (but also loves the garlic chives and pea shoots)
  • Currently listening to Slipknot and Celine DIon. Also a Tuvan throat singing band called Huun-Huur-Tu
  • Favourite film is Akira
  • Has a beard

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